Date Prep 101 - Things to Bring with You on Your Next Date

Published: 05th October 2009
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Being prepared for a date is a dating basic that always applies. Being well-prepared shows that you care and take the date seriously.

Here are a few tips on what to bring with you on your next date (in no particular order).

A gift. Nothing too extravagant. Ideally, something thoughtful and meaningful like a book you think your date would enjoy or something to share - a bottle or wine or a sweet dessert.

Honesty. It's extremely important to know what you want out of a potential relationship and effectively communicate that to your date. Being honest about your expectations will help you determine if you're compatible or not, sooner than later. Don't beat around the bush or play games. Developing an honest relationship also depends on who you're dating. If you find that your dates are often dishonest with you, you may want to consider joining Nuera Network Long Beach. Each of its members are screened and assessed in person to ensure that you meet the most genuine individuals. All of Nuera Network's members are also looking for someone special.

Personal style. Wear clean, date-appropriate clothing that reflects your personal sense of style. When you take pride in your appearance you will exude confidence and project an image that will gain your date's respect.

Cellphone. You probably don't leave home without it anyways, but double check before you leave the house. If you're meeting someone for the first time - whether you met online, through a friend or a same-sex dating service, having your cell phone with you is a safety precaution that doubles as an 'out' if you need one.

Cash. Even if your date asked you out, this doesn't mean you should leave your wallet at home. It's a good idea to have cash on hand to contribute for your own meal and any expenses that pop up - cab fare, parking, popcorn at the movies or coffee after dinner. Plus, you don't know how the night will end - you always need to be sure you can get home with or without your date.

Conversation skills. This means both talking and listening skills. Talking too much or talking about past gay dating experiences is a real downer, especially on a first date. Give your date ample time to talk while you listen attentively and show sincere interest in what they're saying.

Topics of interest. Before your date, take a few minutes to think of a couple of questions or topics you can use to keep conversation flowing. Some worthwhile topics include common interests, values, goals or even world issues.

Common sense. If you're looking for your lifetime partner, it makes sense to delay sexual gratification early on in the relationship. Abstaining will keep your date interested and drive him or her crazy with anticipation. However, be prepared to take the proper precautions if anything sexual does ensue during your date.

Bill Franklin is an author of note on many lifestyle topics and was formerly a member of Nuera Network gay dating service. Bill has travelled the world writing reviews of clubs and restaurants geared towards same-sex couples.

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