Electricity Saving Devices for Domestic Use

Published: 10th September 2009
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It seems that as much and as often that state, federal and local elected government officials promise to undo the stranglehold that electricity providers seem to have on the public, prices continue to keep going up. So what's really going on anyway? Can you believe that back in the early 1960's when nuclear technology was first proposed as a means to generate energy, it was presented to the public as a new source of electricity that would be so cheap that it would almost be "free"!

Here We Go Again With Another Taxpayer Financed Plan

Of course the next step in the "scam" was convincing the public to go along with heavy taxpayer subsidies for power companies to build these new power plants. Of course after the building was done, the cheap power never appeared and in fact electricity bills only continued to increase. So now Obama wants to revisit history by selling the public on his new plan to redo the power grid and provide big taxpayer subsidies for new alternative forms of energy.

Cut Your Electricity Use By Tracking and Monitoring It

Of course once these big government/business scams take root, no one can stop the taxpayer shakedown but what you can do this time around is start in using electricity saving devises for domestic use to cut your power bill by as much as 50%. In fact did you know that one type of new device that allows domestic users to accurately monitor and track their electricity use has been shown to cut usage by as much as 25% on average. That's by only monitoring your consumption!

Begin Learning How and Where Your Power Is Being Consumed

Sound incredible? Well it shouldn't. It's the same with anything else, from calorie intake to automobile gas usage. Monitor it and consumption goes down. Use it in an unmonitored fashion and use and waste climb. You see, once you begin to accurately monitor your domestic electricity consumption, you will begin to make energy saving discoveries around your home.

TV Sets Use Power Even When They're Turned Off!!

For instance, you might discover that the television sets in your home are using up to 75% of the energy that they consume while they're sitting turned off. That's right! The TV sitting in your guest room is consuming power 24 hours a day. You see it's only in the "off mode". What you need is a device that completely turns the entire set off. Well guess what? As it turns out there is such a device available.

New Electicity Saving Devices That Actually Pay for Themselves

It's a simple remote that you use just like your TV remote. Only this remote signals to a "stop gap" device that controls the power to your television. Give it a click and the TV is "powered up". Give it an "off" click and the power is once again completely cut to your TV and it consumes "no energy at all". So simple and also very affordable. In fact, devices like these pay for themselves on average in about a year and then from then on it's 100% money in "your pocket" that would have been otherwise going to the power company.

Chris Tyrrell writes for Ecofreak, an environmentally friendly online shop specialising in energy monitor products. Visit the website for more details.

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