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Published: 05th June 2009
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Although Simplo Filler Pen Company began in 1906 with the partnership of three men by the names of August Elberstein, Claus-Johannes Voss and Alfred Nehemias, it wasn't until three years later in 1909 that their first pen was introduced to the market. It was the Rouge Et Noir, which by today's standards was a quite basic model. However; ironically their level of rarity today renders them amongst the most prized by collectors.

The First Pen To Carry the "Mont Blanc" Name Is Introduced In 1910

The following year Simplo Fuller introduced their next model, which they named the Montblanc. It is not known why today but the company name Simplo Fuller was dropped soon thereafter in exchange for the name of this new pen. The name was trademarked and after 1910 Simplo Fuller became known as Mont Blanc. This very first pen to carry the Mont Blanc name, just as with the original Simplo Fuller pen, is today amongst the most cherished by serious pen collectors.

The Mont Blanc Star Pen Makes Its Debut In 1913

In 1913 the Mont Blanc "Star" pen was released and in relatively short order became a commercial success. In time this pen was to become known among pen collectors and officianados as the Mont Blanc "Snowflake". That first pen to officially carry the Mont Blanc name was to be the first in a long line of quality Mont Blanc pens that continues to this day.

The George Bernard Shaw Commemorative Pen

For instance the George Bernard Shaw, introduced in 2008 is their most recent release in a series that began in 1992. This unique series of Mont Blanc pens was created to commemorate one great author each year and features a reproduction autograph of the author who the pen commemorates engraved into the cap of each highly coveted numbered limited edition pen.

1924 The Mont Blanc Meisterstuck 149 is Launched

Some seven decades back in 1924 Mont Blanc introduced the Meisterstuck 149 fountain pen, which translates into "Masterpiece" in German. It features an 18K hand ground gold nib with platinum inlay, gold plated clip and three gold plated rings. All set in an exquisitely finished stark black premium quality jewelry grade resin barrel. This highly coveted pen is still one of their most popularly selling models to this day.

The $100,000 Mont Blanc Boheme Pen

By far the most truly astounding Mont Blanc pen is their diamond encrusted Boheme fountain pen. It's but one in this series of pens that come in five basic styles but with a price tag at over $100,000, it is unquestionably the most expensive to procure. There are however, less expensive jeweled models in this highly coveted series but weighing in at a total of 15 carats this one particular model is by far the most extravagant.

Other Less Extravagant Jeweled Mont Blanc Pens

Mont Blanc offers several other models of pens that feature gemstones as an adornment that are none the less, far more affordable then the diamond encrusted Boheme. One of these would be the Etoile De Montblanc. This highly coveted finely crafted writing instrument features a petite diamond cut in the shape of the Mont Blanc crest encased under a crystal dome on its crown.

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